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Church Renovation Process and Updates

(Published Online February 22nd, 2019)

As many of you may have seen, Fr. Kevin posted a detailed update of the renovation process in a recent bulletin insert.  The process will be listed below for your convenience.  You can also download and print a PDF version of the list by clicking here: 

Recap and Update of Proposed Renovation Project

Please note the changes to the floorplan which will reduce renovation costs significantly.

Recap and Update of Proposed Renovation Project:

  • I started thinking of just repairing the back wall and repainting the church.
    • I received plenty of feedback that more repairs and improvements were needed (i.e. new roof, lighting, sound system, bathrooms, gathering space, pews…)
  • I asked Parish & Finance Councils if they thought we should consider a renovation project.  They concurred that we should.
    • I formed a Steering Committee to discuss and explore proceeding with a renovation project.
  • We interviewed and hired an architectural firm.
  • Architects looked at the structural integrity of the building.
  • Architects asked Steering Committee, key groups and the larger faith community (through a town hall meeting) what was needed and desired in a renovation project.
  • Architects took the gathered information and formed several possible plans.
  • The Steering Committee and I reviewed plans and gave feedback through several different meetings until we were able to narrow everything down to one plan.
  • Cost estimate for the original plan was over seven million.  We made it clear this was too expensive.
  • Architects scaled the plan down to 5.5 million.  While still expensive we liked the plans and wanted to share them with the larger faith community through another town hall meeting.
  • It seemed the majority of people liked the plans and the enhancements they would afford the parish.  However, there did seem to be concern over the cost.
  • The Steering Committee and I interviewed and hired a consultant to do a feasibility study.
  • Consultant interviewed about 130 parishioners either in person, by phone, through social media or conventional mail-in questionnaires about the parish in general and renovation project in particular.
  • Results of the study: 
    • People in general certainly felt upgrades and improvements were greatly needed.  They liked the looks of the plans, but it seemed a bit expensive.
    • A larger than average amount of those people were willing to personally help with or at least consider helping conduct a capital campaign.
    • The amount of money that a campaign could reasonably raise was between 1.75 & 2.25 million.
    • However, if plans were scaled back a bit more and cost was brought down to a more reasonable number, financial support could solidify and even slightly increase.
  • We shared the information gained from the feasibility study with the architects.
  • The architects took the information and scaled back the project to 3.1 - 3.4 million.
  • The Steering Committee and I are very hopeful that these numbers are within the grasp of the parish.  We intend on moving forward with a Capital Campaign to try to raise 3.5 million over the next three years.

*The most current plan for the renovation project:  

  • Wall behind the altar will be modified as follows.  The wall behind crosses would be painted a lighter color (white or gold) so crosses are accentuated.  Center section of crosses will be removed so that main crucifix and tabernacle are accentuated.
  • Sanctuary floor will all be raised to one level, so altar, chairs, ambo, and tabernacle are all on one level.  Ambo will be moved from the left side of the altar to the right side of the altar.
  • Musician’s area will be moved out of the sanctuary to the front right-hand side of the church, the short pews on that side will be removed.
  • Entire inside of church will be repainted.
  • Lighting will be upgraded and added to in order to make the church brighter.
  • Sound system will be replaced and upgraded.
  • Pews will be repaired and refinished.
  • Baptismal font will be modified so it has a filtration and circulation system.  It will be stationed directly inside the doors of sanctuary in the center aisle. 
  • Narthex (gathering space) will be removed and replaced larger.
  • Women’s and Men’s bathrooms will be enlarged and upgraded.
  • Cry room will be enlarged slightly and upgraded (with its own bathroom and diaper changing station.)
  • Ministry room will be enlarged slightly and upgraded.
  • Priests vesting room will be enlarged slightly and upgraded (with its own bathroom).
  • Mechanical rooms (one additional) will be upgraded.
  • Bridal changing room will be added (with its own bathroom).

If enough funds are raised we could add:

  • Covered drop off area in front of the church.
  • Sound loop for the hearing impaired.

*Please note that these plans are still not completely finalized, but it is a working floor plan at this time.  Also, note that the annotations are for the Steering Committee’s benefit as we continue to consider various options and costs.

Latest floor plan:

 Compared to the previous floor plan:


Church Renovation Presentation

(Published Online June 2018)

On June 24th, 2018 SFS Architects and St. Mary, Queen of the Universe held a presentation and discussion of proposed renovation plans for our Church building.  You can now view the presentation by clicking here:

 Watch the Video Here:


View the June 24th, 2018 presentation slides more closely by clicking here:

 St. Mary Parish Presentation


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