Participants deepen their understanding of the Bible using approved scriptural studies.  

Wisdom & Works of Mercy is the title of a group study beginning soon. Join with others to discover the Wisdom of the Church and how the Most Holy Trinity explains everything. Fr. Gaitley's 10-week DVD sessions will inspire you to grown in love for Christ and his Church. Sign up now to order 2 books and workbook for $40, or book only for $10, or just come to listen and learn. You have your choice of two different days/times for the same study. Mondays at 7:00p.m. beginning September 12th, or Thursdays at 9:00a.m. beginning September 15th. For more information or to sign up call Susan at 785-827-5816 (Monday group) or Marlene at 785-825-4842 (Thursday group).